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The Feniex Fusion emergency lighting series features the most innovative, brightest, and most reliable emergency vehicle lighting on the market with unmatched customization.

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The Feniex Cobra T3 is a sleek, super bright, and reliable LED surface mount light that can be mounted anywhere you require additional visibility.

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The Feniex StormPro Series Sirens are the most compact and powerful sirens on the market. The ideal fit for emergency responders.

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Why Feniex

A leader in innovative, affordable, and american made emergency lighting & audio.

Feniex is one of the fastest growing emergency vehicle lighting manufacturers in the United States and for good reason. Feniex offers a wide selection of emergency vehicle lighting, sirens, speakers, and controllers at an affordable price all while maintaining industry leadership in terms of technology and innovation. Not only does Feniex offer the brightest and most reliable in emergency lighting and the most powerful audio emergency warning products, Feniex also leads the charge in manufacturing their products in the United States. Browse our complete collection of Feniex emergency warning products today!   

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