Herolily FDA Compliant Disposable Ice Packs

designed for the transportation of food, perishables, pathology samples, and more


Herolily Ice Packs for Food Transportation

What Is Herolily?

Created specifically for the one-way transport of perishables, our wholesale ice packs can be used for any perishables, including pathology samples, food and more. Not only can our industrial ice packs be used for packaging applications, they can also be used for cold chain transport.

What Shipments Are Considered Perishable?

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), perishables include any items that degrade over time or deteriorate when exposed to environmental factors such as humidity and temperature changes. Such items require special care during storage and transportation.

For industries that transport perishables In the food industry, the following types of foods are considered perishable:

    • Poultry
    • Meat
    • Fish
    • Eggs
    • Most fruits and vegetables
    • Some dairy products

Seafood, in particular, is vulnerable to environmental conditions. If you ship seafood that doesn’t stay cool, your entire shipment could go bad.

Shipping Live Seafood

If you are shipping live seafood such as lobsters, you want to avoid using dry ice. Because dry ice reaches extremely low temperatures, it could freeze your seafood to death.

Do You Want to Keep Your Seafood Frozen?

In order for your seafood shipment to remain frozen, it’s recommended to pre-freeze your shipment. Additionally, pre-freeze your Herolily ice packs to so that they can reach the coldest temperatures possible and stay cool longer.

Perishables in the medical industry include pathology samples, vaccines, human organs and more. Some of these products could potentially save lives, which is why it’s so important to protect them from environmental elements as effectively as possible.

Adhering to the Highest Standards

Not only have our industrial ice packs passed FDA certifications, they also passed the standards set by the ISO9002 International Quality System. Sold worldwide, our company has partnered with:

      • McDonald’s
      • eBay
      • Amazon
      • KFC
      • Deliver Lean
      • Phoenix Food
      • Broth
      • Eat Organix
      • Jet Pro
      • SF Express Solution

Herolily Ice Packs for Meat Transportation
Herolily Ice Packs for Fruit Transportation

How Herolily Reusable Ice Packs Work:

Using an incredibly absorbent polymer that is cross-linked with polyacrylate copolymer, the combined polymers absorb several times their own weight in water, which makes them superior refrigerants.

Are They Disposable?

Although you can use these cold packs for shipping repeatedly, we call them disposable because the surface will grow dirty over a few uses and not be considered hygienic. In order to adhere to international shipping standards, you must replace them after a certain amount of time to safely ship your perishables.

Can Herolily Replace Dry Ice Bags For Shipping?

In certain circumstances, our commercial ice packs can be used to replace dry ice. To find out if you can replace the dry ice you use for shipping, contact us today.

Packaging Perishable Goods

In order to protect your prevent perishable deterioration, you need to safeguard your products against extreme temperatures as well as humidity. Therefore, properly packaging your perishables ensures your products stay healthy and meet sanitary standards.

Available Ice Packs

If you would like to keep your products cool and safe without dealing with the mess associated with melting ice or the chemicals involved with dry ice, try our disposable cold packs today. Available in both 2 PLY and 4 PLY sizes, our commercial ice packs are FDA certified as non-toxic.

If you need smaller sizes, you can cut our ice packs into smaller sizes. Our products can freeze to temperatures as cold as -190 degrees Celsius, which is two times colder than dry ice. Not only are these frozen ice packs safe, they’re cost effective and perfect for the one-way transport of perishables.

More Reasons To Choose Herolily

If you are shipping food, medical samples or supplies that are vulnerable to environmental conditions, you need your products to stay cool to avoid spoilage. With dry ice and so many different freezable ice packs on the market, you may not know which product to choose. Why should you choose Herolily commercial ice packs?

No Messy Leaks

Shipping with ice creates a soggy mess, which can affect the quality of your products. Herolily freezes to about -18 degrees Celsius and -21 degrees Celsius and stays cool for long periods of time. However, even when they do begin to warm, the material will not transform into water.

FDA Certified as Non-Toxic

When you use our freezable ice packs, you don’t have to worry about exposing yourself or others to toxic chemicals. Our products are FDA certified as non-toxic and they have passed the ISO9002 international quality system.


Our packs are lightweight, saving you money on your next shipment.

How does it work?

Herolily uses a revolutionary polymer technology that is cross-linked with a polyacrylate copolymer. Combined, the polymers absorb many times their water weight so that they can freeze to temperatures as cold as dry ice and stay colder longer.


Although our shipping ice packs can be used many times, we refer to them as disposable because the fabric surface gets dirty after a few uses and are no longer considered hygienic.

Better Than Other Gel Ice Packs

Most gel ice packs do not freeze to temperatures as cold as our Herolily ice packs, so they won’t last as long. Keep your perishables cooler, longer by using our commercial ice packs. Additionally, our ice packs can be bulk-hydrated.

Herolily FDA Compliant Ice Packs

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