Restricted Items

Some items that we offer are restricted by State, Federal, and Local Law and others by our own policies. These policies are in place to help ensure integrity as well as to serve to protect those who serve us and keep our communities safe as well as the general public.

As such, payments for orders are not authorized until a member of our staff approves them, ensuring the highest degree of control of restricted items.

Restricted Items Include (But Are Not Limited To):

  • Body Armor
  • Any badge or other form of insignia that otherwise indicates that one is a member of law enforcement, security, and other public safety agencies.
  • Medical Equipment & Supplies
  • Emergency Vehicle Lighting & Sirens
  • Handcuffs
  • Auto Opening Tools
  • Auto Opening/Assisted Opening Knives and Knives with Blades Less than 3" 

We take great vigilance in ensuring that we do our most to promote public safety. We expect that our buyers do the same. The buyer assumes full responsibility for understanding, accepting, and complying with any applicable state, local, and/or federal laws as it pertains to the use, purchase, and/or possession of any item purchased from

How do I order a Restricted Item?

You can submit proof of authorization to purchase restricted items either prior to completing an order or up to 14 days after completing an order. After 14 days of not receiving authorization on a restricted order, your order will be cancelled. Once proof of authorization is completed and approved, such authorization will be valid for one year from the day of submission. We reserve the right to inquire further about any proof of authorization and to contact any authority to secure further verification.

To prove authorization you will need the following:

  •  A copy of your unexpired official identification card with a photo (front and back).
  • A letter on official letter head from a supervisor at your agency stating your title at the agency, that you are an active member of the agency, and that you are authorized to purchase the items in your order.

After compiling all documents necessary, you can fax the documents to
877-480-6842, e-mail or mail them to:
ATTN: ID Department
P.O. Box 169,
Oxford, NY 13830.