5ive Star Gear 200lb Kevlar Cord

5ive Star Gear 200lb Kevlar Cord

5ive Star Gear

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Kevlar® Survival Cord is a must for any survival or E&E kit. Although it's only the thickness of a thick piece of thread, it has the breaking strength of 200 lbs! This cord can withstand extreme temperatures and is flame-resistant. It features a polyurethane coating for UV resistance and increased abrasion resistance. It can be used for snares, traps, bows and can even cut through plastic flex ties.;

  1. A must have for any survival/emergency kit
  2. Each cord has an amazing 200lb. tensile strength that is unmatched by any other cord on the market
  3. Can withstand extreme temperatures, resists stretching and is flame resistant
  4. Featuring a PTFE coating for UV and waterproof protection and increased abrasion resistance
  5. 25 feet with .036" diameter

Made in USA

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