Dynarex Instant Ice Pack 5” x 9” (24/case)

Dynarex Instant Ice Pack 5” x 9” (24/case)

Fieldtex Products Inc.

  • $23.50


This is a case of 24 Dynarex instant ice packs. Instant ice packs are great for treating a wide variety of injuries including bumps, bruises, nosebleeds, and sunburns.
Instructions: Locate inner liquid bubble at mid-section and squeeze firmly with both hands. Shake pack well to mix ingredients thoroughly. Ice pack will turn cold immediately, offering immediate relief to injured area.
These disposable Ice packs can be thrown away when you are done using them.

Manufacturer mislabeled some cases as 5" x 9" and though it may say this on the packaging, the product is actually 6" x 9".

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