EMI Flashback 5 20 LED Red/Green Traffic Baton

EMI Flashback 5 20 LED Red/Green Traffic Baton


  • $37.99

"Taking the Congestion Out of Traffic"

The Flashback Traffic Controller quickly gets the attention of motorists which allows for safe and easy traffic control. The highly visible steady on green LED lights ensures safe traffic flow while the flashing red led lights gets immediate attention for stopping motorists. The three stage switch provides not only green and red mode but also an endcap flashlight. The 20 LED bulbs can be seen for up to 1 mile and can last approximately 90 hours on 4 AA batteries. The light baton also has a built in magnetic tailcap, is made of high impact ABS plastic, has a non-slip textured grip, built in belt clip and wrist strap. The Flashback Traffic Controller is essential for keeping personnel safe and visible during traffic control. It measures 131/2" long. Weighs approx. 1lb.

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