Mocean Barrier Shorts


  • $47.30


These shorts are designed to satisfy the need for basic duty shorts that fit and perform like you ordered them from a tailor. Over the years, these shorts have been refined and refitted to offer exceptional All Around Function. Each of these shorts offer a different style yet, they all have purpose built pockets and are 'over built' to withstand daily use and the obstacles that you encounter while on patrol. All together, these multi-functional patrol shorts offer a good selection and each are an exceptional value.

  • Supplex® nylon w/Teflon HT® shell
  • 'Varied Height- Elasticized Waist™' with a zipper fly, drawcord adjuster and 'Floating Beltloops'
  • Gusseted crotch for ease of MOCEAN
  • 2-slashed pockets that allow easy access while wearing a duty belt
  • 2-F.I. card pockets zipper closures
  • 2-back pockets with zipper closures and flaps
  • 1-pen pocket with two pen ports
  • Double needle top stitching w/ bartacks on all stress points

Supplex Nylon is accepted as the best type of nylon (there are hundreds) for active pursuits. MOCEAN uses a high count, 2-ply, plain weave that weighs 3.8oz/yd2. This is our preferred weight because it allows us to offer you apparel that is extremely versatile due to its light weight. Any heavier and you'd be held back.
Why high count, 2-ply and not 3-ply? 3-ply construction is too heavy and has a hand that was developed for winter sports. Would you patrol year-round in ski weight apparel?
Is high count 2-ply Supplex durable? Yes! Test data proves that high count, 2-ply is as durable as 3-ply. In performance apparel, lighter is better hence, high count 2-ply over 3-ply every time.
Is Supplex water resistant? Yes, ours is. Most nylons exhibit some form of temporary resistance to water; usually because of their newness or construction. MOCEAN's Supplex is coated with DuPont Teflon HT®, the most effective, longest lasting water & stain repellency available.
What about care? Oh, that's easy. Just warm water wash, rinse and a quick dry. Pull it out and it's ready to wear or a quick pass with an iron will press it super flat.

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