Mocean Vapor T-Shirt Crew Neck


  • $18.20


The inventors of this fiber were awarded a Nobel Prize for their achievement and it's the only textile fiber to ever do so. Our P3 Vapor™ fabric responds to perspiration like a water flume. The amazing fiber that makes-up MOCEAN's P3 Vapor™ system transports perspiration along the outside of its surface, not inside like wicking fibers. Unlike wicking fibers that 'wet-out' and have to dry-inside and out before you do: the P3 Vapor™ fibers never 'wet-out', so you dry as fast as the atmospheric conditions permit. Furthermore, P3 Vapor™ is soft and slippery to reduce the friction that usually occurs between you and your body armor. This amazing and complex fabric is lightweight, durable, exceptionally comfortable and can be worn immediately after the spin cycle in your washer because it doesn't 'wet-out'. Whatever the temperature or your activity level, these P3 Vapor™ shirts will deliver as we claim.

  • P3 Vapor™ shell w/ pre-knit collar
  • Close fitted and tapered to reduce fabric folds between you and your body armor
  • 'Anatomically Sculpted™' to achieve the best fit
  • Pre-knitted collar on all styles and cuffs on Mock
  • 'Asymmetrical Arm Eyes™' keep shirt tucked in
  • Short sleeves on Crew and V-neck
  • Single needle top stitching around collar and shoulders
  • Coverstitch hem allows stretching without thread 'snap'

P3 VAPOR is the most effective way to manage perspiration and comfort while wearing body armor. This is not an empty claim. The proof is found in the fiber profiles and years out on patrol.
Keeps you drier by transporting moisture away from your body faster and more effectively than any other fabric, P3 VAPOR allows perspiration to evaporate as quickly as atmospheric conditions permit and P3 VAPOR will not wet out (absorb moisture)!
Possess the lowest thermal conductivity rate of any fiber. P3 VAPOR will keep you closer to your normal body temperature than any other fiber known to man.
Is exceptionally lightweight. Because our P3 VAPOR fabric is made of the lightest weight fiber known, MOCEAN can offer the lightest weight products with the least amount of bulk.
No odor retention. Perspiration evaporates from the surface of the fabric and since the fabric has no moisture regain, it minimizes possible growth of odor-producing bacteria. Additionally, antimicrobial additives are introduced into the P3 VAPOR fiber matrix to retard the growth of even E`coli bacteria.
Does not absorb stains. Soils release easily in the wash, and because P3 VAPOR is inert, it easily releases spots in washing, such as: oil, blood, coffee, mustard, grass, etc.

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