Orange Mud Purist, OM Logo 26oz bottle

Orange Mud Purist, OM Logo 26oz bottle

Orange Mud

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A Purist water bottle is pure bliss. 22 oz and 26 oz water bottle options are ideal for our hydration packs, and the insulated 23 oz water bottle version is amazing too!

Do you like drinking from plastic? Do you prefer glass but don't want the weight? How about something that tastes like glass but is plastic? Purist bottles are as pure as drinking from a glass – with all the advantages of a flexible water bottle. These water bottles are perfect for running water bottles and go great with our Hydraquiver packs.

Purist, through low surface tension shielding the inside of your bottle from odor, staining, and mold build-up. With a simple rinse of the bottle, Purist ensures that water from the bottle does not taste like plastic or the previous liquid. We have the 26oz option (the one with the on the neck) and the 22oz option available in the regular bottle, 23oz in the insulated. 

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