QuickJim 10" Spiral Car Opening Tool

QuickJim 10" Spiral Car Opening Tool


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QuickJim, QJ-10: (10” in diameter)
Made of 304 stainless steel and designed to curl under the window to manipulate vertical and horizontal switches located in the upper door panel area. More effective than QJ-16 in short reach zones.
1 window wedge included.


It takes hand to eye coordination and practice to make QuickJim™ an effective car opening tool. Below is a guide on just a few ways QuickJim™ can unlock many cars and trucks. Through experience you will discover many other ways to effectively deploy QuickJim™.

Shaping QuickJim for the First Time

STEP 1: Hold the red handle with one hand and the tip of the QuickJim in the other and pull apart like an accordion about 12". It will partially spring back. QuickJim can also be pulled inside-out the other way if needed. Slide the rubber handle off first.

STEP 2: Bend the leading edge about 10° toward the red handle. This allows the tip to better locate the space between the weather strip and window on the inside.


As every car model window is different, it will be necessary to slightly bend and re-shape QuickJim to each model car.

Two basic QuickJim configurations: Spiral to the right or spiral to the left. QuickJim will work on both the drivers side door and passenger side door. However, the drivers side door generally offers more unlock options. It takes experience to learn which QuickJim configuration works best for you.

WARNING! NEVER roll the window down with the QuickJim deployed. Personal injury and damage to the car or QuickJim may occur.

Although QuickJim is less likely to damage a car than other wire unlock tools, it can still occur. Window tinting and body paint can be scratched and inside upholstery can be cut or torn. We highly recommend that the user get a damage waiver release signed before use.

QuickJim assumes no responsibility for any damage by its use. Further, it is the responsibility of the owner to properly secure quickjim and keep it out of the hands of a thieves. QuickJim is designed to unlock many cars and truck models but not all. Never force the QuickJim.


Getting under the window to the inside. Using a door wedge, create a space between the weather stripping and the window glass. Slide the tip of QuickJim down about 4" to 6" until it is below the bottom of the window. Remove wedge. Angle QuickJim in and begin rotating to get the tip to slide between the glass and weather stripping on the inside. It may be necessary to back QuickJim out and change the angle of the bend on the tip.

Helpful tip: To reduce friction, many QuickJim users will use a spray bottle of soapy water to lube-up the area between the window and weather stripping. Only recommended in warmer temperatures above 32°. We recommend a dry lubricants like Locksaver.

  1. TOUCH UNLOCK SWITCH ON THE ARM REST: Rotate QuickJim (right or left) so that the tip curls down on top of the unlock switch. DON'T HIT THE DOWN WINDOW SWITCH
  2. UNLOCK TOGGLE SWITCHES ON DOOR PANNEL: Rotate QuickJim so that the tip curls toward unlock switch. Move QuickJim up to unlock.
  3. VERTICAL UNLOCK BUTTONS TOP OF DOOR PANNEL: most vertical buttons are larger in diameter than the rod they connect to leaving a lip. Curl the tip of QuickJim up to hit the lip. Button will pop up and car will open. Reverse rotation and remove QuickJim.
  4. MECHANICAL UNLOCK PULLS ON THE DOOR PANNEL: Rotate QuickJim so that the tip can move the unlock switch. On old model Hondas, the button protrudes out and can be easily lifted up.
  5. INSIDE DOOR HANDLE: Rotate QuickJim so that the tip rotates inside the handle. Keep rotating so the Quickim springs out unlocking the door. Only a few model cars can be unlocked this way. Works on some Ford models.
  6. Can't reach it: Use our long-reach tool, FlexJim.

Since there are thousands of different car makes and models, it is impossible to illustrate how to unlock each of them. Rule of thumb is; if the unlock switch or button is on the door or armrest, Quickjim has a good chance of reaching it. If the unlock switch or button is on the center consol., QuickJim can’t reach it. Use a long reach tool.

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