SP 10x50 WP Binocular

SP 10x50 WP Binocular


  • $189.00
  • Save $116

Superior quality full-sized binoculars that are ideal for the widest range of lighting and weather conditions.

Exceptional quality meets high-end expectations 
Large objective lenses incorporated in the design allow for contrast-rich, bright viewing under all light conditions. 

• Large objective lens elements provide maximum light gathering capabilities and are perfect for use in low-light conditions. 
• Premium multi-layer coatings ensure the maximum light transmission through the binocular. The result is bright, crisp, true-to-life images in the widest range of viewing conditions. 
• Specialized protective coating repels dust, water and grease to keep your optics clean and your image quality at its peak. (SD Models Only) 
• Rigid body construction makes these binoculars extremely rugged to maintain optical alignment. This ensures comfortable viewing throughout the life of the product. 
• Waterproof and nitrogen-filled (JIS Class 6) to handle the most extreme weather conditions (submersible to 1m).

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