Tactical Goggles

Tactical Goggles

Night Owl

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Night Owl’s classic military-style night vision goggle system is designed for hands-free use with a head-mask. Our hinged quick-release mount also allows the user to quickly flip the goggle up out of his field of view or to detach for use as a hand-held binocular.   Designed for use while walking or operating a vehicle, the BG1 presents the user a non-magnified 1-to-1 image with a wide field of view.   F 1.4 lenses improve depth perception beyond that provided by standard night vision viewers.  And a light sensor automatically cuts power to prevent burning out the intensifier tubes in the event of exposure to a potentially damaging light source.   


 Use with head-mount, flip up or detach completely

 Enhanced depth perception

 Wide field-of-view

 Bright-light protection circuit

 Close-up focusing

 Two better-quality generation-1 image intensifier tubes

 Built-in columnated infrared illuminator for use in complete darkness or to improve target recognition in any environment

 Precision-machined aluminum housing and lens bodies

 Photodetector system for ambient light detection and auto power-down


Additional Info

  • Magnification:none (1-to-1) 
  • Objective Optic Design:
  • Lens Diameter:20 mm 
  • Resolution:35 lp/mm on center 
  • Spectral Sensitivity:400 nm to 900 nm 
  • Diopter adjustment:+4 to -4 
  • Inter-ocular Distance:2.52 
  • Minimum Focal Distance:10.0 
  • Angular Field of View:30° 
  • Field of View at 200 ft distance:106 ft wide 
  • Dimensions:5.2”L x 4.9”W x 2.1”H 
  • Weight (without batteries):14.0 oz without head mount 
  • Power Supply:(2) 1.5 volt Type-N batteries (not included) 
  • Battery Life:40 to 80 hours, depending on infrared usage 
  • Infrared Illuminator, built in:Yes 

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