The Claw 14" Compact Car Lockout Kit

The Claw 14" Compact Car Lockout Kit


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Made of 304 stainless steel and engineered to work under the window and behind internal door parts to manipulate vertical and horizontal linkage rods. Goes where a slim tool can’t and will rotate out the way it went in. Less likely to get stuck than a wire tool.

The Claw™ by QuickJim™ is a curved version of the famous SlimJim®. The curvature of The Claw gives the user a significant reach advantage to manipulate linkage rods below and behind the window, internal door structures and the lock body. It’s ridged yet bendable properties allow it to conform to different shapes and angles. The Claw can move horizontal and vertical linkage rods to unlock many cars and trucks. It can lift the latch on a mini-vans rear-wing window or slip through a cozy window on a semi-truck to hit the unlock button.

The Claw has concave tips for pushing and pinch notches for grabbing. Select the Claw that is most likely to reach your cars linkage rods. As a guideline, the smaller QJ-CLAW-14 is for compact cars; The QJ-CLAW-16 is for mid-size cars and the QJ-CLAW-18 is for SUV’s and trucks.

Slide the red rubber handle off to expose the pinch notches. Install handle at other end.
DRIVERS SIDE DOOR: Firmly hold The Claw and twist the ends in opposite directions about 40 degrees. The inward twist allows the Claw to angle inward.
Insert a wedge between the window and weather strip to create a gap for the tip of the Claw
Slide down till you hook the linkage rod. Move forward (or back ward) to unlock. Twist or bend the Claw as needed.
Close-up view (from inside the truck) of The Claw pinching and moving the linkage rod forward. Notice the Claw is working behind internal door parts. This is the reach advantage the CLaw has over straigt slim tools.


The greatest challenge to using The Claw is knowing where the exposed linkage rods are. A bright light or borescope below the window can be very helpful in locating them. Like all linkage tools, use caution as not to exert to much perpendicular force on the linkage rod and disconnected a linkage joint. Hope and poke is not a good strategy. The more you know about the location of linkage rods, the more effective The Claw will become.

Other LockSmith Applications

To say the Claw is just a car lockout tool would be a gross under estimate of its true potential and applications. In addition to unlocking cars and trucks, The Claw can be deployed in so many other ways.

  The Claw can slide between a pair of non-mullion commercial doors and retract a paddle handle (photo 10), exit bar and lever handle. It can even manipulate the thumb turn of an Adams Rite deadbolt lock.
The Claw can be used to unlock some models of file cabinets desks or drawers. Can slip between a pair of sliding glass doors (old style non-interlocking) and lift up a bar or manipulate the lock on a window.  
  It can retract a spring latch behind a (photo 9) latch guard and even hook the rope release on an overhead garage door. It can grab and release a surface mounted door chain or flip bar and so much more!


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