Yellow & Yellow Magnet Mount Guardian Angel

Yellow & Yellow Magnet Mount Guardian Angel

Archangel Device

  • $76.49

The Guardian Angel safety device is a wearable, portable light bar designed to improve personal safety for professionals both in the workplace and out.

The Guardian Angel utilizes the latest LED technology making the wearer visible from more than two miles away, from above, and from a nearly 360-degree radius.

  • Increased visibility
    Industry-certified up to 2+ miles utilizing LED lights rated up to 930 lumens per LED
    Stealth when you need to be
    Convenient on/off, lighting functionality of 360°, isolated front and/or rear illumination
    Light weight (approx. 6oz.) and portable
  • Convenient work light
    Easily accessible allowing you to see in dark environments
    Long battery life
    Includes a sealed rechargeable battery giving you up to 93 hours of continuous use
    Built tough
    Durable, water resistant and able to withstand extreme work/weather conditions
  • Numerous mounts
    Applications for vehicle, bike, epaulette, turnout gear, medical bag, and more
    Utilize multiple units
    Secure crime scenes, alert drivers of accident scenes, or assist Emergency Medical Services to injured victims to triage multiple vehicle accidents, create landing zones, etc.

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