Zensah The Recovery Tight


  • $70.00

The Zensah Recovery Tight ™ features ankle to hip compression to maximize circulation for improved recovery. Whether using the compression tights for running or for any fitness activity, The Recovery Tight ™ provides athletes superior muscle stabilization and performance for women. 

  • Quad and hamstring support
  • Comfortable
  • Moisture wicking and anti-odor
  • Improve muscle recovery time and injury prevention


The Zensah Recovery Compression Tights feature a high level of compression to maximize circulation. Whether you run a long race, cycle for a new personal best, or just have a hard workout in the gym, Zensah Compression Tights are a must for any athlete.

The compression tights help to reduce injury through increasing oxygen and blood flow in the lower body. Your legs will stay warm when wearing the Zensah Compression Tights.

The compression tights are made of our Zensah proprietary fabric, so they are ultra-light and breathable.

Each pair of compression tights are moisture wicking, meaning unlike other compression tights, they won't become heavy with sweat. Perform at your best with the Zensah Compression Tights.

Compression tights help to stabilize leg muscles to prevent injury and improve circulation.


Who should wear compression tights?
Runners, basketball players, and all athletes looking to take their workout and training to the next level.


  • 85% Polyamide / 15% Elastane
  • Made in Italy

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